We make choices everyday. Some choices don’t matter that much in the big picture of life but others have huge impact on us and those around us.

My daughter was challenged recently with a choice regarding a relationship in a discipleship group she leads. She learned one of the girls was saying critical things about her to others in the group. As a college student, my daughter works hard at leading other students in her group and was hurt and discouraged to learn of the criticism. She knew she had to address the situation and had a choice to make. Could she put aside her hurt feelings and choose to forgive the student for unkind words or would she stay angry and bitter? It took several days for her to work through her feelings and offer her friend forgiveness, but thankfully, she did.

We also have choices to make with our stepchildren everyday. Maybe you had a rough week-end that included harsh words and difficult attitudes. Or perhaps your stepchild is using the silent treatment on you. You have a choice to make as to whether you will take the high road toward forgiveness or take the destructive road toward self-pity and resentment. It is not an easy road to take and sometimes we make the wrong choice. But wallowing in self-pity and anger only makes us miserable. It doesn’t solve the problem or allow us to move forward in our relationships.

What choice will you make today? If you’ve recently been offended and you’re experiencing hurt or anger with your stepchild, I encourage you to offer forgiveness. It’s not an easy step. But it’s the right step toward peace and harmony in your relationship. You won’t regret it.


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