Happy New Year! As we begin a new year, it’s a great time to reflect on how things are going in our stepfamily life and what areas need attention. I don’t make a lot of resolutions because I would rather set short-term attainable goals, but I have made a resolution this year that I know can make a difference in our family: pray daily for my husband and each of our five children.

 It’s a simple resolution but an important one. Since three of our five children live outside the home, I don’t always know specific struggles going on with them. But I can easily pray for them anyway and lift up concerns that I do know about and other general issues of importance.

I saw a quote on twitter last week (not sure who said it) that I pondered for a while before I decided I agreed with it: “Talk with God about your children more than you talk with your children about God.” I’m a firm believer in talking to our children about God, but particularly since our children are older, I have less opportunity and see the value of vigilant prayer about them.

That doesn’t mean I neglect the opportunities to talk with them about God; it means I understand the importance of constant prayer. As I pray for them, it could open up more doors to communicate with them.  (BTW, if you’re on twitter, connect with me @GaylaGrace).

Prayer is a powerful discipline that we often neglect. We’re too busy finding answers to our problems instead of taking our problems to the Answer.

What resolutions have you made this year? Will you share them with us?

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