National Stepfamily Day was created by Christy Borgeld, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1997 to recognize and celebrate the importance of stepfamilies and is celebrated every year on September 16th. The National Stepfamily Day Foundation was also established by Christy to support and encourage stepfamilies.

I hope you will take a moment to affirm your value as a stepparent and celebrate the family you’re creating. If you want some ideas on how to celebrate the day, check out this video:

101 Things to Do on Stepfamily Day

No need to feel like you have to do something fancy. The important thing is to celebrate the relationships you’re investing in and the valuable role you play in your stepfamily.

Anne Sleeman, stepmom and President of Kids On Time, Inc.–a great co-parenting tool–offers helpful insight on what being a stepparent is and isn’t and how it impacts you:

“Being a step parent is a privilege not a right.

Being a step parent means having to make sacrifices of a biological parent knowing that you may never be rewarded or even recognized for them.

Being a step parent means making every effort to participate in the lives of the kids of the person you love as an “extra” parent/adult who loves and cares about them.

Being a step parent means sometimes being on the outside or not being included in family photos or older memories and having to choke back the tears so no one notices that it hurts.

Being a step parent means making lifestyle changes to support being the best parent figure, friend, role model and person you can be.

Being a step parent means you sometimes have to hear others speaking about how they wish your spouse and the kid’s other parent were still together…for sake of the kids. Even if their bio-parent isn’t better suited for the job.

Being the step parent means being introduced as the step-parent, which sometimes includes weird and judgmental looks.

Being a step parent means helping with homework, and talking about drugs and sex and morals and friends and bulling and finances and right from wrong and a whole host of other subjects that come up that you never would have dreamed of discussing with your parents.

Being a step parent means back to school shopping is now more important than shopping for your own wardrobe.

Being a step parent means, somehow, with all the effort along the way, being proud of the young person you have helped to shape and mold.

Being a step parent means feeling proud when your step child does something good for society, themselves or others.

Being a step parent allows you to love and be loved in one of the most unique, misunderstood and underrated relationships in our society.

So, is being a step parent worth it? YES! In more ways than you can count.”

Do you agree? What would you add? I hope you’ll consider today, and every day, the valuable role you play as a stepparent! Happy Stepfamily Day!!

How will you celebrate National Stepfamily Day? I’d love to hear about it!

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