“Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.” (Proverbs 16:3)

My mom told me once that kids usually figure things out eventually and get on the right path, even if they stray for awhile during their teen-age and young adult years. I was fretting over some choices one of my stepchildren had made and her positive comments were encouraging.

I believe this is true, especially if we raise our children by God’s word and surround them with prayer. If we commit our parenting endeavors to the Lord, His Word promises that we will succeed.

My youngest daughter turned 18 years old this week-end. She has been a joy to parent and I’m continually thankful for her compliant nature. When she leaves for college in the Fall, we will  have only one child left at home of our five children. It’s hard to accept that a big part of my parenting season is coming to a close.

But I will continue to commit our children to the Lord. I pray for them daily by name and specifically pray that our older children make wise choices. I pray that I will continue to have the opportunity to guide them through the confusion and anxiety that often accompanies young adulthood. And I ask for wisdom in my stepparenting role as I continue to grow and nurture the relationships with my stepchildren.

I don’t think our parenting and stepparenting roles ever end. But there does come a time when we don’t have the same influence with our children that we have during their younger years. If you’re in an active parenting/stepparenting role, I encourage you to commit your endeavors to the Lord. You’ll be glad you did as you see the fruits of your labor during their young adult years.

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