Coaching for Stepfamilies and Blended Families

“As a new stepmom, I had a lot of emotions that I couldn’t explain and felt very alone and isolated; I knew that I needed to talk to someone. When I met Gayla for the first time, she was a breath of fresh air; I immediately saw a light at the end of my tunnel. She provided a safe place to open up, and she affirmed that I wasn’t alone in this journey and that there is hope. Gayla shared with me the tools I needed to cope with the very normal experiences of a stepmom…her encouragement has been life-giving.”

Gina, Toronto

Stepfamily Coaching Offers Hope

Does it feel like your stepfamily is stuck in conflict? Are you at an impasse in your relationships? It could be time to consider stepfamily coaching.

Stepfamily stressors come in many forms and might include: confusion over your role as a stepparent, unmet expectations in your stepfamily, difficult relationships with your stepchildren, or discontentment in your co-parenting role. Stepfamily coaching gives you the opportunity to work through your current challenges on a month-to-month basis.


“Thanks for the help you gave my kids. God has given you a wonderful gift. Thanks for using it.” 

Karen, Arkansas

STEPPARENTING IS TOUGH, but there’s good news!

The scars of divorce or loss of a spouse can heal through loving, nurturing and healthy relationships in a stepfamily.

“We were searching for a common goal but taking two completely different paths. In the confusion we took out our frustrations on one another.  We felt hopeless. Gayla showed us how to reach our goals as a team. She was straight forward yet compassionate. Most importantly she tore down a lot of preconceived notions that we had about step families and allowed us to not be perfect. We are very thankful.”  

Jacob and Lana, Arkansas

No-Obligation, Free Initial Consultation!

I understand that coaching can seem intimidating. However, you can contact me today to schedule your FREE consultation and decide if stepfamily coaching is right for you. I would love to help you find success in your stepfamily relationships.

Coaching Services and Fees

Traditional Coaching

Coaching includes three (40-45 min) pre-arranged phone or Skype sessions with Gayla and additional communication by e-mail. The fee is $199 and requires a commitment of three sessions.

The initial consultation is complimentary.

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Stepfamily Coaching



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